What About Molly?

Dark Comedy

Starting a business is never easy. In the process of starting her own, Molly gains confidence, strength, courage, schizophrenia and two companions only she can see, Super Bob and his foul mouthed companion, Charlene.


Chiara McCarty

Chiara has been studying acting and pursuing a career as an actress for 15 years. She received extensive training in Los Angeles before making her way to Texas, and has booked dozens of film and theatre roles. She believes there is great power in storytelling, and she hopes to tell stories that inspire, that open people's minds to different perspectives, that give hope, that shine a light in dark places, and that give a voice to the voiceless.

Chelsee Jernigan

Chelsee has been performing on stage for the last 20 years. Having grown up in musical theatre, she has been in over 60 productions including popular musicals such as "Chicago", "Fiddler on the Roof", "West Side Story" and "Into The Woods". Chelsee hit the Austin film scene in 2017 and has been there ever since. In 2018 she was hired on as a cast member and magicians assistant at Esther's Follies, where she performs 5 shows a week. Chelsee has also done short films, commercials and a music video for the band Nane, since her debut in Austin. Chelsee likes to write, dance, karaoke and wax her upper lip while eating a hotdog in her spare time. She's thrilled to be a part of the cast for "What About Molly?" 


Lynnette 'L.A.' Brown

Toting degrees from Penn State University in Film and Theatre, Lynnette L.A. Brown, has enjoyed presenting stories both on the stage and on camera.  “L.A” can most recently be seen showcasing her comedic side in the award winning, quirky, indy film Raising Buchanan starring the late great, René Auberjonois.


Besides obtaining her bachelors from The Pennsylvania State University, “L.A.” has had the opportunity to be trained by some of the greatest coaches, workshops and studios from the east coast to the west coast.  Post College, she continued her training at HB Studios in NYC, and has taken intensive courses at TVI Studios in Los Angeles.  She is currently studying at Carol Hickey Acting Studios in Austin, Texas.

Cayla Wight

Cayla has been involved in community theater mostly. "What About Molly?" will be her first film project and she's so excited! Originally from Florida and Cayla moved to Texas about a year ago. You can often catch her running the trails with her two dogs, sewing something new, or reading a book about minimalism


Charles Planks

Charles Planks is a former professional football player and native to Lubbock Texas. Since discovering acting and modeling, he has numerous film and commercial credits to his name.

Emily Pokora

Emily is an actress appearing in films, TV and commercials and has worked as a live correspondent and on-air host for TV, radio and events. Emily is also recognized for her recurring appearances on TLC Channel's show "Say Yes To The Dress," known for being the bride's outspoken entourage.


Prior to acting full time, Emily attended college at Arizona State University, double majoring in business with a minor in theater while competing on the school’s Division I swim team. She then earned her JD/MBA and became a civil litigation attorney, appearing in court before the jury as well as on the bench as a judge pro tem. When she’s not on set she enjoys performing improv, and writing stand-up sets and screenplays.


Evelyn Phan

Evelyn was born and raised in Texas and has been dancing and playing piano for as long as she can remember. While temporarily living in Austin to pursue her bachelor’s at the University of Texas at Austin, Evelyn began modeling and is excited to get into acting. Along with her passion for the visual arts, Evelyn has great interest in health and fitness.