The 4 - Hour Workweek

This is the number one book that should be on EVERY persons reading list. It will change your life. Tim Ferriss will open your eyes to a world of possibilities outside of the "normal" 40 hour work week. As independent artists, we likely need to work a full time job in order to help finance our artistic endeavors. With Tim's knowledge, I became a full time employee who works from home and a blogger confident enough to start this site. Tim's advice free'd up HOURS of my own time and gave me the tools necessary to live a much more fulfilling life. Thank you Tim for such an incredible resource!

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Every filmmaker looks for a way to help finance their pictures. Some choose private funding, some borrow from friends and family, others try crowd sourcing or even credit card debt. I chose real estate! Whether you need funding or not, this book IS for you. Robert opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. With the knowledge he provides in this book, I have been able to purchase real estate (with no money down) and create a supplemental income source that helps to finance my artistic endeavors. Best part is, I will always have these asset's regardless of what I use the income for.

The Third Door

Like me, Alex read The 4 - Hour Workweek. The difference is, he wrote a book about it. What an incredible journey he takes his readers through. Skeptical of the techniques Tim Ferriss teaches? They work and Alex takes you through his journey every step of the way. Aside from making you laugh, cry and leaving you jaw dropped, this book will open your eyes to a world of new possibilities. Want to know if it's possible to get in touch with some of the world's elites? Read this book and find out how Alex DID it.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

The title say's everything you need to know, right? Mark Manson is hilarious. This book will help you view life differently. It's not about giving less fucks in the world. It's about finding things that are worth giving a fuck about. Change your views and change your life. When you finish this read, you're guaranteed to take a new view of life, living happier and more fulfilled. I think this is something everyone can get behind.

Rising Strong

Creating art is only half the battle. Putting your work out there for others to enjoy is a whole other beast. Brene Brown is ALL about shame and vulnerability. Have you been vulnerable enough to create something artistic and put yourself out there? Have you received a bad review or negative feedback about something? It's okay if it got you down. It happens to all of us. Give this book a read if you want to understand how best to get back up and be stronger than ever.

Daring Greatly

Ah yes, another Brene Brown book. She's amazing, trust me. If you haven't yet shared your work or put yourself out there, then this is definitely for you. Brene will teach you how to be more vulnerable. She taught me that it's okay to fail. These failures are learning opportunities and through failure comes growth. She taught me that it's necessary to be in the arena and not just a spectator. Never failed at anything? Perhaps it's time to get out of your comfort zone. Perhaps it's time to dare greatly.

Things No One Else Can Teach Us

INSPIRING! Absolutely loved this book. Humble The Poet walks you though many of his life's experiences, showing that perspective is everything. Want to understand how to take a negative experience and make a positive out of it? Humble show's you the way. Life is full of experiences, lessons and hardships. Life is full of things no one else can teach us. Failure is okay, that's called experience.

The Alter Ego Effect

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wore glasses. Not because he needed them, but because he needed an alter ego. He needed to separate himself from the hardships that he would face in the world. The glasses were his cape. The glasses made him Superman. Afraid to put yourself out there? Nervous about sharing your work with others? Perhaps you need an alter ego too. Todd Herman explains how he's helped hundreds of people to thrive in their careers by simply applying an alter ego. He certainly helped me find mine...The Failed Filmmaker... 

Save The Cat!

Want to write a screenplay? Want to be in the film industry? Trying to take on Hollywood and give it your best shot? Save The Cat will help shine a light on the topic of screenwriting. The beautiful thing about writing is that it's free. Everyone has a story and everyone has a voice. Get this book to give you the tools necessary to put that story and voice into a professional screenplay. Want to submit to festivals and possibly walk red carpets? Want to start a career or side hustle? This book can help you get a start.


This was the first screenplay book I ever bought. A must have in anyone's arsenal. Syd Field explains everything you need to know about three act structure as he guides you from concept to finished script in this amazing read. If you're just starting out or looking to refresh your memory, this is for you. Need to polish those skills? GET THIS BOOK!

The Nutshell Technique

Looking for a fresh view on how to tackle the art of screenwriting? Want to understand the secret of creating some of Hollywood's most compelling stories? Want a new look into the three act structure? Jill Chamberlain will talk you through her method with examples and easy to follow guides. Trying to fit into the Hollywood machine as a writer? This book is definitely for you. I personally love they way she models out a story idea prior to writing anything that would resemble the words FADE IN.