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Take Life As It Comes

Where, oh where have I been? That’s a good damn question. Simply put...I’ve been away, as I’m sure you could tell. Why? Because life happens and we need to take it in stride.

My last communication was on March 12. Let’s recap the things that've happened since that time.

Shortly after March 12, Andrea and I flew to Florida for a wedding. I decided to take this time to rest, relax and recharge the batteries. I wanted a reset. I needed a reset. With that said, we went, we ate, we drank and we celebrated. Fun times at the wedding, moved to fun times in Orlando where we explored The Animal Kingdom one day and Hogwarts the next. I’m a huge Potter fan.

Returning back from Florida, it was time to jump back into work and put my best foot forward. The only problem is, I had a lot more life coming my way. I didn’t have the time or energy to put towards my goals and creative endeavors, so unfortunately they took a back seat for the time being.

Upon our return from Florida, we bought a new house just outside of Austin. Packing, moving and unpacking proved to be overly exhausting. Getting settled in, I set up my editing machine and began to dabble once more. When I say dabble, I mean just that. It wasn’t much.

Fast forward a week or two and I flew back to Michigan for a funeral as my grandfather had passed away. Taking the time needed to be with family, I next flew home and needed to get settled in once more. I needed to find normalcy and consistency in my life. I needed to get back to the basics. The only problem is, I wasn’t motivated.

I’ve been back from Michigan for almost two weeks now and I simply haven’t had the motivation to do anything. I’ve been lethargic, lazy and uninspired. I’ve been a bit of a bum.

It’s quite the trap to fall into. You step away for a reset and you get comfortable. You lose sight of your goals and find that you simply don’t have the energy to come back. So you need a spark. A Little light, guiding your way back. You need a reason.


Even though I haven’t been waking at 4:00AM, blogging, editing, writing and creating, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. Hell, I still have a film I’m working to finish.

During this past month and a half, I’ve been working with my wonderful composer on the score for ‘What About Molly?’ As I said before, take life as it comes.

Jayna Chou reached out to me via LinkedIn a few months back. At that time I had plans to score the film myself. Attempting to do so proved to be difficult so I decided to save myself any further anguish and find a composer. My first stop...Jayna.

Exploring her work, it turns out that she’s better than good. She’s fucking amazing! Her work is beautiful and it would be a privilege to work with her. I followed up and here we are today, building something beautiful together.

There’s power in reaching out to people. It shows you have the drive to go after what you want. Jayna wanted to compose a film so she went and found one. I love her drive and passion, it’s inspiring. She has been a light guiding my way back to the creative world.

With one spark in place, I really needed one more to stoke a flame. I needed one more reason to get my ass in gear, moving once again in the right direction. I needed a new connection.

Remaining nameless at this time, a gentleman from Houston had reached out to me as he was coming to Austin for some networking and he’d like to meet up. I decided to take the meeting and am I glad I did.

Not to give too much here as there will be more to come, I’ve met with this individual a few times now and we’ve been communicating back and forth. A friendship is starting to develop and a partnership is forming. He has drive, he has passion, he has the hunger to match mine...almost. We’re going to make great art together...I can feel it.

With a second spark in place the fire began to burn hotter and brighter, up to yesterday.

A full blown raging forest fire, I wrote, I edited, I brainstormed, I listened to scores, I sent notes, I collaborated and I created. I was back...almost. I needed a final step. I needed to write this blog.

This has taken me a few hours to write and honestly it feels like a dribble of shit. Unorganized thoughts, I’m simply spewing on the page, but it’s necessary. I needed to clear my head. I needed to get back into practice.


So, to wrap this turd up and call it a birthday present, I want to leave you with this. It’s okay to step away. Take time, take a breath and reset. Don’t lose sight of your goals, just set them aside for the time being.

During the down times, keep in the back of your mind why you pursue your goals. Remember what they mean to you. The happiness and joy they bring. Find a small spark, a glimmer of hope and hold onto it.

Take life as it comes in all facets, but never let the spark burn out.

- The Failed Filmmaker






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