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Napkin says Action Drives Motivation
Action Drives Motivation

To be honest, I’ve lost my motivation lately. I went from posting three blogs a week and trying to inspire/educate people daily, to only posting once a week and doing what I can when I have time. So what happened? Where did the motivation go? Why did it go? What can I do to get it back?

I started to see a downturn in my motivation as soon as I started filming “What About Molly?” My focus, time and energy went from The Failed Filmmaker, to the film itself. I was trying to do both and it just became too much. I needed to make an adjustment and thus, my blog posts have slowed.

With that said, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about the blog or the people who follow me. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I set out to make the film so I can use it as a way to educate and inspire through the blog. The film is a toolbox for me to pull from, so I can share that experience with you all here.

So, to answer the questions from above, I refocused my energy on building something positive to share. The motivation isn’t gone, it’s just been temporarily redirected into a project that will help fuel this one. I mean let’s be honest, how can I talk about filmmaking and have you trust me, if I don’t make films?

Knowing now where the motivation is at, let’s take a look at ways we can get it back.


So there you are, two months into a fresh new project and instead of doing the work that you know needs to be done, you decide to fire up Netflix and binge watch episodes of your favorite show instead. We’ve all been there and it’s a natural thing that happens. Hell, I recently did this with the Umbrella Academy not too long ago and I am now at a point where I need to make a change, find my focus once more.

Losing focus can be difficult. You start a project full of joy and excitement at what the results could be, it helps fuel and drive you towards the finish line, but it will never sustain you. You need to have something more. You need to have a stronger why. WHY are you doing what it is you’re doing? Why did you set out on this project in the first place? What is your why?

Remembering your WHY is a powerful tool that can help dig you out of the unfocused whole you’re currently in. For me, my why is to educate and inspire. Nothing feels better than when I get to help someone by sharing my knowledge and experience. It makes me feel great inside and motivates me to want to do more. So today, I’m going to focus on my WHY and really get back to why I started The Failed Filmmaker in the first place.


Now that I’m thinking about my WHY and really getting back to the foundation that started me on this amazing journey, I need to figure out some actionable steps I can take to fulfill my WHY. But how do you do that when you’re not motivated? Don’t you need to be motivated first?

Thinking about your why is the small fire you need to begin moving the motivation train down the tracks. The next step is to turn off the fucking television. Of course you would rather watch your favorite show than put in hours of work trying to build something special. It’s a distraction. It makes you happy. It’s a killer of your progress and motivation. It’s time to turn it off.

Now with your focus only on the project, it's time to get started. On what? Fucking anything. We need to stoke this fire. Motivation doesn’t come magically because we want it to, it comes from taking action. It’s a snowball effect where if you get the ball rolling, it will grow and grow into this powerful mass of destruction. Except you’re not destroying...anyway I hope you’re not.

Your WHY will start the fire, action will stoke it, making it grow. So take action. Do something, anything, that will move you towards fulfilling your WHY. For me, I wrote this blog post for you. My WHY is to educate and inspire so here I am trying to stoke that fire and honestly, it feels good. I can feel the motivation coming back. Now, I want to maintain this feeling for as long as possible.


There’s one way to maintain our re-found motivation over the course of time and that’s through action. You took action today and you need to continue taking action daily to maintain. We need to make this a habit once more. We need to rinse and repeat the process of remembering our WHY and taking action to move towards it.

For me, I am going to continue taking action today by thinking about other blog topics I could share. I’m going to continue to think about other ways I can help educate or inspire. I am going to find other ways I can take action to move towards my WHY.

Tomorrow, I will take further action on the things I come up with today. I will make it a routine.


So, to wrap this up and put a little bow on it, action drives motivation. If you have a project you’re delaying starting, finishing or continuing on with, the first step is to remember your WHY. The second step is to take action and the third is to build on that action with more action.

Action builds motivation, so take action.

Do you have other tips for helping to build motivation? Share them in the comments!

- The Failed Filmmaker






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