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Green text - Things happen for you not to you.
Things happen FOR you...

Things are going to happen and they happen often. You will encounter scheduling conflicts, your will locations fall through, you will have roadblocks around things you never even expected to have a roadblock on. It’s okay, so long as you look at it like this. This is happening FOR me, not TO me.

I know, I know...Easier said than done. You just spent days navigating around everyone's busy schedules to get something locked down. You confirmed the availability of the location, you prepped, readying for the day and then it happened. You show up and the location has fallen through. It’s heartbreaking. It’s out of your control. It clearly didn’t happen FOR you...unless it did…

Yesterday, I encountered this exact situation. Scheduled to film a full day, I prepped the night before, woke up at 5:00AM to finalize any last details, loaded my car with equipment and hit the road with excitement. Upon arrival, something just didn’t feel right. I could sense that something was up, I just didn’t know what.

Walking in, I quickly learned that we had an issue. Sparring you any details(it’s not important), I left to call the cast with bad news. Our location fell through. I was upset. Very upset to say the least. I did everything I could in advance to make for a smooth day and something completely out of my control happened.

Back in my car, driving home, taking deep breath after deep breath, I tried to calm down. It wasn’t working. Frustrated, I put on an episode of my favorite podcast (The Rich Roll Podcast) and just tried to get lost.

That’s when it happened.


I love this podcast! It’s because of Rich that I became vegan. It’s because of Rich that I began a regular running practice. It’s because of Rich that I learned of Tom Bilyeu and his show Impact Theory. Without this podcast, I would be a VERY different person today. I get SOMETHING out of every episode and this time was no different.

I tuned in with episode 542 and Darin Olien. Darin has recently been seen on the hit Netflix show ‘Down To Earth’ with Zac Efron. Diving in, Rich and Darin go on to discuss the show, it’s success and how it came to fruition.

As Darin describes the show, he does mention that it wasn’t his exact vision for what he wanted the show to be. He would’ve loved to put more knowledge and awareness into the program. In fact, he did deliver the information during filming but it never made it to the screen.

Not to be discouraged, Darin is excited about the show and the direction it’s heading. He looks forward to more seasons and just letting it be what it is. It may not be the platform for him to drop his knowledge like it’s hot, but it has grown his following. It has given him more followers and a new avenue, a new platform where he can help to make a change.

Obviously, I can see a direct correlation here. Something happened out of Darin’s control and he chooses to take the good from it, instead of the bad. Darin isn’t upset, stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum. Darin is proud of what he has and is moving forward with grace.

Not in the right mindset at the time, the information doesn’t set in. In fact, all I can think about is the issues I encountered on the day. I listened further.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the show and plan to, skip this paragraph. During the final episode of ‘Down To Earth’ Darin discovers that his house has burned down from the California wildfires. Talk about devastating, I can’t even imagine. Being the pro he is, Rich dives into the topic head first.

Exploring the devastating event further, something very interesting happened. After letting the moment sink in, after letting the anger pass, letting it subside, Darin makes a choice. Darin flips this thing on it’s fucking head and in turn, flips me on my head.

Darin got excited that his house burned down. He chose to look at it as this is happening FOR me and not TO me. He saw it as an opportunity to build the house of his dreams, get off the grid and begin the sustainable living journey he has been looking for. Darin has practiced a healthy mindset in this life altering moment.

Hearing this changed my mood in an INSTANT. If this man can let go of his burnt down house and find a positive in it, I can certainly get over a location falling through. It isn’t that serious.

Letting go was easy, now I wanted to find the WHY. Why did this happen FOR me and not TO me. I needed to look inward. I needed to go for a run.


Arriving home, I put on my shoes and bolted out the door. Hitting the pavement is where I clear my head, sort my thoughts and do my best thinking. I needed it on this day as I had some exploring to do.

In mile 3 I settled in, letting the music take hold. Working through my thoughts, I let go of the day and began thinking about the future. I began thinking about the filming days ahead and the amazing work we’re going to do.

Not long after, I was into mile 5 and I had a breakthrough. Within ‘What About Molly?’, I have a montage to quickly show some character growth. The issue is, the montage consisted of me finding 12 actors and 12 different locations to work around. That’s a lot to deal with when filming on a budget.

For weeks I had been trying to find a solution. I wanted a simpler, more creative way to accomplish the same, without losing the quality. It finally came to me! I had a problem, worked hard for a solution and it finally happened. This was the FOR me, I had been looking for.


It’s all about mindset. If my location didn't fall through yesterday, I wouldn’t have been on that run. If I don’t go on the run, I don’t make the realization that I did. The situation didn’t happen TO me, it happened FOR me.

Apply this to your everyday life. Choose to find the good in situations and not the bad. Don’t go away with the mindset that the sky is falling. Don’t go in with the mindset that things are happening TO you. They are always happening FOR you, sometimes you just need to figure out why.

I hope you found this helpful. Maybe you’re dealing with something that seemingly happened TO you and this is JUST what you needed to come to the same realization I did.

The world is happening FOR you...

- The Failed Filmmaker






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