Lessons learned from an  

independent filmmaker...


Driven by love (Short - 2012)

Leaving his battered wife behind, John exits his home and climbs into his car. Driving down the road, we come to learn the journey which has brought us to where we are today.

Ah yes, the good old days. My first short film. Where I didn't know shit about acting and I knew less about writing, directing, producing, editing. Sure as hell didn't stop me though! It's funny to look back at how badly I failed on this film. For fucks sake, I didn't even have the script in the proper goddamn format! Fucking amateur hour over here! Anyway, give it a watch, if you so dare and take a look at the failures in all their glory.

Equipment Used


  • Script formatting

  • Lighting

  • White balance

  • Audio

  • Editing

  • Transitions

  • My acting (painful)

  • A barking dog

  • Black and white?

  • Where did the blood come from?

  • Slow motion

  • Sound effects


  • I said we were making and film and goddammit, we made one.

  • Dialogue

  • Interesting story

  • Cast


daydreams of a night clerk (Short - 2013)

Already struggling with life purpose and motivation, tonight Russell the night clerk finds himself confronting a lot more than he expected. He’s on a time crunch and the to-do list keeps getting longer. To make up for his substandard performance Russell decides to follow the misdirected advice of a friend and take a chemical stimulant. As he’s put to the test, both fears and fantasies take hold.

My second short film. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Clearly I learned from that failure. The image quality on this film appears to be MUCH better, however I notice that I still didn't know how to format the fucking script, that or I just didn't care. Either way, enjoy both in all their glory. When you watch this one, pay particular attention to the very robotic audio. This was NOT an artistic decision.

Equipment Used


  • Script formatting...again...

  • Audio

  • Sound effects

  • Color correction

  • Black and white...my god...

  • Yellow in the window is laughable

  • Background noise

  • Props

  • Lighting

  • Dialogue cheesy in spots

  • Image distortions...what in the actual fuck?

  • It wasn't enough I had to slow it down, then I had to speed it up?

  • Transitions still a bit rough

  • A literal minute with nothing happening?

  • Worst green screen ever

  • Why the narration?


  • Quality is miles ahead of the my first short film.

  • Dialogue

  • Interesting story

  • Cast

  • My acting was perfect

  • Attempted new techniques

  • Worked with a crew

  • Interesting location


Pink heat (feature - 2014)

This year for her birthday, Elizabeth received a pair of pink pistols and a reason to use them.

No, it's not a porno.It's an action thriller. It's my first feature length film. Oh the ambition...I notice I finally formatted a script properly and yet, I continue to film at night like an idiot. We had lights but damn...Am I a fucking vampire, afraid of the sun? Don't be like me. Write a movie to be shot during the day. THE SUN IS YOUR FRIEND! With that said, this was an ambitious step within my career. It's not particularly great but there's something to be said about setting out with a goal and finishing the damn job. There's power in finishing. Watch this film, in all it's glory, on Amazon.

Equipment Used


  • The title

  • Script length...this one kills me still

  • Music

  • Color correction

  • Filming at night

  • Sound effects

  • Lighting very flat

  • Dialogue


  • Zooming in with post production

  • Computer graphics

  • Journal and narration scenes

  • Action scenes


  • We made a feature

  • Locations

  • Cast

  • Editing in camera

  • Producing

  • Navigating large cast and crew


Lost In time (short - 2015)

Five years after the loss of his wife Sarah, John is mysteriously transported back in time only to meet someone eerily familiar.

My fourth and final film to date. I almost look like I know what I'm doing on this one. The image and sound quality on this film are miles ahead of the others. I see I stuck with proper formatting on the script, well done Sean...well done. Give this one a watch and pay attention to the quickness of the cuts.

Equipment Used


  • Dialogue

  • Direction

  • Scene transitions

  • Background noise

  • Character fades are cheesy

  • Color was a bit too warm

  • Cuts

  • Dialogue...yes I listed it again

  • Jokes didn't land

  • Plays a little slow in the second half


  • The wink at the end


  • Quality continues to show signs of growth.

  • Composer

  • More of a collaboration

  • Great locations!

  • New camera techniques